What can i bake from these ingredients?

Answer Do you also have vanilla, baking powder, etc...If ever here is a site with lots of easy desserts, like cookies and cupcakes...

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What can I make with these ingredients?

Chop up the onion and put that and the carrots and celery and chopped garlic into a hot skillet with the butter and stir fry it till the vegetables are tender. Sprinkle with salt and eat. You can... Read More »

What can I make with these few ingredients ?…This site is great for finding recipies and the link I've provided above is perfect for searching by ingredients. Personally, with the items you listed, I... Read More »

What dishes would you make out of these ingredients?

What a collection! Well.....You could probably make some version of Mexican Lasagana with the corn tortillas, salsa, black beans and mexican cheese.…The g... Read More »

What can I prepare for dinner using these ingredients?

make the snot pocketsOPPs HOT pockets , toast the waffles and slice the onion put a hot pocket on a waffle cover with peas and melted butter AND WALAAA you have waffle pocket pizza pea thingys