What can i add to this picture (pic included) well scaned?

Answer Add as far as content?Put a graveyard in the background...

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What is this inside my amplifier (Picture included)?

That is a Toroidal output transformer. Be very careful as the output stages of amplifiers store large amounts of current even when turned off, that can be lethal.Kevin40 years high end audio video... Read More »

What ipod is this called picture included.?

What kind of bug bite is this A spider Picture included. Please help?

It looks like a noseeum (sand flea). Their bite usually comes with a little rash around it. Their bites are very itchy. Put some itch cream on it, it will go away in a few days. Noseeums live in gr... Read More »

Do i need to consult a dermatologist for this ( Picture included )?

If your mole raised then it is considered a bit odd, usually moles are benign when there is absolutely no change to it. If you're really worried, get your dermatologist to perform a biopsy and send... Read More »