What can help a dog with stress?

Answer Hair loss, whining, obsessive behaviors like chewing and scratching, and panting are all signs of stress in a dog. Ways to reduce this stress include becoming the pack leader, exercise, obedience t... Read More »

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How get rid of stress?

Have you considered Meditation??? No I don't mean to go all Buddhist on your ***!! but honestly it does miracle for a lot of people!! It really don't matter what your religious views are!! just fin... Read More »

How to De stress?

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I've been under a lot of stress lately?

Ok, so I wanna start off by saying I know exactly how you feel. I'm going to be a sophomore (my first days tuesday, wish me luck) and I'm in a special academics program with accelerated science and... Read More »

What do you do to de - stress yourself?

Spend some time on Y!A ...J&R or P&S... reading the answers and you soon forget your stress because you soon realise there a lot of nutty people out there, like yourself.