What can help a dog with stress?

Answer Hair loss, whining, obsessive behaviors like chewing and scratching, and panting are all signs of stress in a dog. Ways to reduce this stress include becoming the pack leader, exercise, obedience t... Read More »

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Things to Help With Stress?

Stress is your body's way of preparing for a difficult situation. When you are faced with challenges, your body releases adrenaline and glucose to give you energy; increases blood flow to your musc... Read More »

How can a chiropractor help with stress headaches?

Chiropractors have eminence achievement in the treatment of headaches. Most come from either soft tissue or they neurological. Since a large part of these start in the neck tissues. Chiropractic tr... Read More »

How to deal with stress related joint pain need help?

I am a mainframe computer operator for the U.S. Government and when these monsters brake guess who gets the blame? I am 61 and find it getting harder and harder to get stress under control. However... Read More »

Can stress help start your labor?

Yes, but it can also complicate your labor.