What can have caused my computer speakers to have stopped working.?

Answer we're talking about speakers for a desktop comptuer? Do you have some headphones that you can plug into that jack? Do that to see if sound comes out of them. If so - it is probably your speakers. I... Read More »

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The speakers on my ipod stopped working?

Try inserting in headphones & taking them out. If nothing works, turn off you iPod or reboot it. I'm pretty sure resetting it will help :) Contact Apple if nothing works!

Two of my USB memory sticks have suddenly stopped working?

Yes removing them before switching them off in the "Safely Remove Hardware". It will corrupt it or destroy the data on it thus making it unusable.

The TV remote has suddenly stopped working. Batteries have been changed so don't know what to do next. Help?

get your lazy @ss up and change the channel, this happens to me all the time

L have a Weller soldering iron it suddenly stopped working for no reason fuse is ok?

Does this have replaceable tips? If so, the tip may not be tightly fastened (they sometimes work loose); alternatively the tip may be burned out and need to be replaced.It is also possible that th... Read More »