What can harm the embryo?

Answer Some things that can harm an embryo or fetus during pregnancy are: 1.Certain medications(Consult doctor, some are safe)2. Alcohol or drugs ( Can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth)3. Smoke ( Even if... Read More »

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Can alcohol harm an embryo?

Alcohol can cause low birth weight, retarded fetal development, and depending on the amount, the child can be born addicted to alcohol and have to undergo withdrawal during its first few hours of e... Read More »

What is human embryo development?

A typical pregnancy for a woman is 40 weeks in length, with the embryonic period being week 5 to week 10 of pregnancy.Week 5In the fifth week of pregnancy a blastocyst becomes an embryo. During thi... Read More »

What is an embryo stem cell?

There are two types of stem cells: embryonic and adult. Embryonic stem cells are derived from newly formed embryos. Though research on embryonic stem cells has been historically controversial, scie... Read More »

What is anteverted embryo in gravid sate?