What can happen to your unborn child if you had a Depo Shot?

Answer Answer Have not been confirmed but it could kill the grows cell of unborn child. However, I did met somebody who this happened many years ago and the baby born but stay as little as 3 years old gi... Read More »

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What could happen if you accidentally received a depo provera shot when you are 8 months pregnant?

You have to pay after and/or take a loan. It can take years to pay back.

If you are on the Depo shot but took antibiotics or your also on a hormone pill will that conter act the shot to not work?

Answer Antibiotics are notorious for reducing the effects of birth control.

Can you detox your body to get the depo shot?

On One Hand: Body Detox Suggested After Depo Shot .The U.S. Physician Prescribing Information about Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection warns that "women who use it may lose significant bone miner... Read More »

If you are on the depo shot and white liquid comes out of your nipples could you be preg?

No, not to my knowledge. It could just be a sympton to the depo shot.