What can happen if your embryo implants low in the uterus?

Answer when an embryo is transplanted low in the uterus and has taken and growing the term used is 'carring low' there is possibility of miscarrige in cases of twins and/or if you have a weak cervix. Ther... Read More »

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Can you feel when an embryo implants?

No. Some women experience "implantation bleeding" - that is normalls very light pink or brown, and is only noticeable on the toilet tissue when you wipe.

Your grandaughter had the egg sac implant itself in the uterus but there was nothing there they did a dandc what causes this to happen?

Answer Well, humans don't have egg sacs, just eggs with no extra frills. Generally, when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus it remains there for about nine months and then birth happens. If s... Read More »

What would happen to the embryo if it didn't have amniotic fluid around it?

What size is your uterus at 12 weeks?

Answer: At 12 weeks pregnant, your uterus is about the size of either an orange or a grapefuit. And it is also at this time that you begin developing new pregnancy hormones.