What can happen if you sabotage wikipedia?

Answer They wouldn't do anything, Gary. In fact they'd reward you with an adminship for being so "radical" and daring. Give it a try, you'll see. All seven of my adminships were as a result of sabotage in... Read More »

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What happen to Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has been serving up this problem quite a bit for the past few weeks. My theory is that they are spending too much on the $470,000 compensation package for the Executive and Deputy Directo... Read More »

What would happen if there was no more Wikipedia?

GEE! What a loss! I dont think I could live without that worthless crap! Their sometimes worthless, misleading and sometimes incorrect data? I doubt the world would miss them much

What's happen with wikipedia?

They've blacked out their website in protest of a couple of bills Congress is trying to pass, and also to try to raise awareness of the issue.There are two bills Congress is considering at the mome... Read More »

What can happen if you put false information on wikipedia?

If it's obviously and ridiculously false, you can get some very stern and angry messages on your user talk page (or if you're not logged in, some poor bastard who uses the computer after you will r... Read More »