What can happen if mothers smoke in pregnancy?

Answer the baby can develop cancer. and it is not good for the health

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Why should mothers not take dangerous drugs during pregnancy?

Messing about with your own life is one thing, but messing about with a child's life is worse than unforgivable.

What would happen if i smoke weed?

you would die. Nah just playing but if you need to turn to a chemical to make you happy that is not true happiness. It will start out as just smoking pot occasionally, then it will progress into an... Read More »

Mothers who drink during pregnancy will have children that may experience?

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy often results in birth defects in the baby.

Mothers who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy, how long did the fear stay?

Oh Daniel's Mum, I just caught up on this now. I am so sorry for you and your family. I don't have a personal story to share, but your story reminded me of something I read on another website a l... Read More »