What can happen if halogens are in groundwater?

Answer On One Hand: The HalogensThe halogens are a column of elements in the periodic table. They consist of fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. These elements are very reactive and do not exist natur... Read More »

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What does groundwater mean?

Groundwater fills pore spaces and rock fractures underground. Groundwater may occur right at the soil surface, as in marshes; or it may be located up to 2,300 feet underground, usually under desert... Read More »

What are natural storage tanks or areas for groundwater called?

Groundwater occurs throughout the world in water-bearing rocks. The top layer of this is called the water table. The region of saturated rock beneath this is called an aquifer. Wells tap into this... Read More »

Fun Groundwater Activities for the Classroom?

Teach students about groundwater, water that is located underground in the spaces between soil, sand and gravel. Water usually moves through layers of sand and gravel and is also stored there, near... Read More »

Is groundwater a renewable resource?

Groundwater is a renewable resource; it is constantly restored naturally via precipitation. Precipitation is any moisture that falls from the air to the ground and includes snow, rain and sleet.Ref... Read More »