What can happen if a fly flies down my ear?

Answer It will NOT lay eggs, that's a total myth. For a start, it would probably die straight away because your body heat is far too hot for the little fly to handle. It's not going to eat your brain eith... Read More »

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What would happen to the world if Google broke down?

We now have "Bing" and K.G.B. to ask questions to so we're good to go. Google isn't the only source of info and if those go do there is always the good old encyclopedia.Peace, Love & Happiness

Why Are Female Fruit Flies Bigger Than Male Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies, or drosophila melanogaster, are tiny insects that are often used for scientific research. The name fruit fly came about because the insects are often found surrounding rotting fruit or... Read More »

I have a model railroad and the train speeds up and slows down at different points. Why does this happen?

This is a real dilemma. Listen to this. I think you will find this very helpful:The resistance in the track from the points where the power is connected to everywhere else is just a natural phenome... Read More »

How can i calm down my daughter who is waiting on a very important call that could happen at anytime during any day?

Access has been Denied!- YOUR ORG NAMEAccess to the page: has been denied for the following reason:Weighted phrase limit exceeded. Categories:Pornogra... Read More »