What can happen from not having a dryer vent hooked up?

Answer A dryer not hooked up to a vent allows moisture and lint to discharge into the room. Moisture penetrates walls and damages flooring, drywall and wood. Moisture encourages mold to develop. Lint caus... Read More »

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Can two dryers be hooked to the same dryer vent?

Yes, you can hook two dryers up to the same dryer vent. You just have to get the right kind of hoses/ventilation so that both dryers feed into the same system with a split connection.

If i vent dryer heat into house, will a dehumidifyer take care of the dryer moisture?

This isn't worth the risk. You are creating the potential for all kinds of problems, everything from moisture issues to dust and dirt in the house. This is a really bad idea

Can I attach a dryer vent hose to a dryer with screws?

When attaching the dryer vent to the back of the dryer, you must make sure it is a tight connection between the vent pipe, the attached elbow and the vent hose. Therefore, make the connection using... Read More »

Can you run a dryer vent in PVC?

PVC pipe should not be used for dryer ductwork. Technicians claim that the static electricity causes the lint to build up inside the pipe. This buildup will eventually create a blockage. Metal duct... Read More »