What can happen from being exhausted?

Answer Exhaustion, known as fatigue, is a symptom that afflicts many people causing feelings of tiredness, lack of motivation or energy, drowsiness and apathy. Some levels of exhaustion during physical ac... Read More »

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How to tell difference between being lazy and being very exhausted to work out more?

Lazy is when you can't be bothered to exercise at all, you do plenty. If you keep exercising when you are past that point of exhaustion, you are over-exercising.

What Bad Effects Can Happen From an Ear Being Plugged by Ear Wax?

Earwax is made up of a number of things, including fluid from the glands in your ear, sweat, skin and debris like shampoo. In most cases the ears are self-cleaning, and wax works its way out of the... Read More »

What will happen in my second pregnancy if my first child had severe jaudice resulting from me being o negative?

If the first child was Rh positive it is less likely that the jaundice was due to Rh incompatibility unless you had an abortion earlier and did not take anti D. ABO incompatibility is more likely. ... Read More »

What will happen if they Stop the Internet from being used. (no Internet)?