What can damage car paint?

Answer Car paint may seem as smooth and hard as the metal beneath, but it is actually fairly fragile. Physical, chemical and radiation damage are common pigment killers.Basic DamageDamage comes in a few b... Read More »

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How to Sand Out Car Paint Damage?

If you have some scratches on your car due to a minor accident, you might want to make some repairs. You'll need to sand the damage to the car's paint to fix these scratches. There's a bit more to ... Read More »

How Do Eggs Damage Car Paint?

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How to Repair Car Paint Damage?

Age, dirt and wear can damage a car's paint job, which can damage the body as well as hurt its appearance. You need to repair any fading, peeling or scratching of your car's paint in order to prese... Read More »

Can mayflies damage car paint?

Mayflies are insects that swarm for approximately two months a year, usually beginning in May in most regions. They are attracted to lights, and will often swarm around street lights, where they ar... Read More »