What can computer repair technicians see on your computer?

Answer When you have computer problems and must resort to giving a repair technician access to your computer, you may be concerned about what data she can see on your computer. The short answer is quite a... Read More »

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Who refers computer technicians?

Computer technician referrals can come from many sources, including information technology (IT) professionals, computer manufacturers or online referral services. Computer manufacturers typically h... Read More »

How much do computer technicians make per year?

As of November 2009, reports computer network support technicians make an average of $10 to $27 per hour where as computer repair technicians make an average of $9 to $24. Rates will v... Read More »

How much do licensed computer technicians make?

As of November 2009, the median salary for a computer technician ranges from approximately $25,844 to approximately $62,843. New computer technicians with less than a year of experience can expect ... Read More »

How much money do computer networking technicians make?

The PayScale Report reveals that computer networking technicians begin with an annual salary of $26,451 to $40,406 as of May 2010. At one to four years experience, they make $30,086 to $41,614 and ... Read More »