What can children teach adults?

Answer Unconditional love...hatred, bigotry, and racism are learned traits(children do not inherit these traits)....from personal are some moreLive Spontaneously – For better or worse,... Read More »

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What was the name of the special that John Ritter did with his first wife when their children were small about how children take what adults say literally and how that plays out in their young minds?

I think the programme is The Secret World of the Very Young.If you take a look on the IMDB website you will find it on there

How to Teach German to Adults?

If you are a native German-speaker or fluent in German, teaching German to adults can be a lucrative part-time job or even eventually a career. However, simply knowing a language is not enough to b... Read More »

How to Teach Adults to Take Care of Themselves?

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them. When people don't learn from mistakes, they can develop bad habits. Sometimes bad habits are harmless and other times they can cause real... Read More »

How to Teach Music to Adults?

Teaching music to adults is generally more challenging than teaching music to children. Children have more neural plasticity than adults, which makes it easier for children to pick up new skills co... Read More »