What can cause scars on the back for no reason?

Answer From my experience being a good aunt to a newborn is about being a good support to the parents. No sleep, a lot of pain and short fuzes will lead to a high stress environment for the parents and th... Read More »

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How to Get Back on an Idiot Who Is Mean to You for No Reason?

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Can a CT show the reason for back pain -OR- does it have to be an MRI?

MRI and CT are somewhat similar accept that CT cannot see the FINE detail as nerves and ligaments. I like to say that MRI is like having a Hi-Def TV. You can still see the images with CT, but you... Read More »

Back/ribs hurt for no reason?

Bending over or lifting something kind of heavy or twisting your body wrong are a few of the many ways you can pinch your back muscles to cause your back pains. When the back muscles are tight lik... Read More »

Severe back pain what is the reason.?