What can cause scars on the back for no reason?

Answer From my experience being a good aunt to a newborn is about being a good support to the parents. No sleep, a lot of pain and short fuzes will lead to a high stress environment for the parents and th... Read More »

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Severe back pain what is the reason.?

When your DVD player freezes up and wont eject the DVD...what is reason and how can get DVD back out?

Is this a standalone DVD player connected to your television, or a DVD player in a computer? If it is a standalone player, unplug the power, plug it back in, and try ejecting.If it is a computer DV... Read More »

What is your main reason to get LASIK surgery and what is holding you back?

I want laser surgery. I even went to get a pre-exam. They told me that, because my prescription is too high (-10 diopters), they can't perform the surgery without cutting my eye too thin and endang... Read More »