What can cause pain in your calve?

Answer You might have strained your calve and it might not "just go away in a few days". I would ice it and take ibuprofen before you start practice or a game. Can't tell what it is by the little informat... Read More »

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I have severe pain in my left leg below my knee inside calve, for 2 months can taking Crestor cause this?

Side Effects CRESTOR® (rosuvastatin calcium) may cause side effects in some people. The most common side effects reported are•Headache•Muscle pain•Abdominal pain•Weakness•NauseaSerious s... Read More »

You feeling pressure and pain inside your vagina when you walk and sit or sit up what could cause this pain?

Well, if you are pregnant, it is usually the baby's head pushing into your cervix. (I say that she is head butting me)I've been having the same problem for around 3 weeks now. A lot of times it fee... Read More »

What can cause pain in your left arm?

It is possible for left arm pain to be caused from straining the muscles of the arm, pending heart attack, or it can also be caused from indigestion. Yes indigestion can mimmick a heart attack, how... Read More »

What cause fatigue stomach pain diarrhea and back pain?

Could be:Celiac DiseaseUlcerative ColitisIBMCrohn's DiseaseThread WormTape WormGiardiasisOr a problem with your Gall Bladder, Liver or Pancreas