What can cause night sweats in the elderly?

Answer Night sweats are bouts of excessive sweating that occur at night, often resulting in sheets and sleepwear that are drenched with sweat. Night sweats in the elderly can be caused by a variety of ser... Read More »

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What are the causes of night sweats in the elderly?

An elderly person is classified as someone who is 70 years or older. If a person in this age group is suffering from night sweats, it may signal a larger health issue.CausesBecause a women in this ... Read More »

What might be the cause of night sweats?

Night sweats---excessive sweating during the night regardless of temperature---can result from causes ranging from menopause to medication. See your doctor if you are experiencing this issue to det... Read More »

What can be the possible cause of bloating, flatulence, swollen lymph nodes and night sweats?

Perhaps you have IBS or some other gastrointestinal problem? You clearly have something going on in that area of your body, and you should see a reputable gastroenterologist. Since you have posted ... Read More »

What are the causes of night sweats for men?

Although night sweats occur more frequently in women, men also can experience hot flashes severe enough during sleeping that they end up changing clothes. A variety of medications and medical condi... Read More »