What can cause daily headaches in someone who is 62?

Answer Allergies (all, chemical, particle, etc.)High blood pressureSpinal misalignmentStress/grief/anxietyVision problems

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What can cause daily headaches?

Usually a daily headache is caused by something simple to fix, like dehydration (drink more water!). It could also be due to the sufferer having taken painkillers frequently for the headache, which... Read More »

What can cause headaches?

heat,noise,light are major factors of headaches

What can be the cause of my headaches?

i get headaches every day my headaches are migraine attacks you should get a food/drink diary made up each day it could be related to what u eat or drink eg i am not allowed cheese, chocolate, coco... Read More »

What can be the cause of these headaches?

For migraine and headache I recommend natural (herbal) treatment. See Herbs for headaches are variously anti-inflamatory, antispasmodic, anti-nausea and pain-r... Read More »