What can cause colic?

Answer While there seems to be no "cure" or cause for colic, the first step is to make sure that your baby does in fact have colic, rather than some other problem. What you make think is colic could be ac... Read More »

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Can Biliary colic cause elevated ALT?

On One Hand: ALT Elevations Are Caused By Liver InjuriesIncreases in blood ALT (alanine transaminase) typically occur as a result of liver injury, according to Medline Plus. Examples of liver-relat... Read More »

What Is Evening Colic?

Evening colic is a condition that is common among infants. Many parents are upset or concerned when their babies suddenly go from being happy or even sleeping straight into screaming or weeping, bu... Read More »

What is colic pain?

Colic pain refers to abdominal pain, though it is not always caused by intestinal distress or disease.Types of ColicSpasmodic colic results from sharp, sudden intestinal contractions, often caused ... Read More »

What Is Lethal Colic?

Colic, or abdominal pain, is common in horses and can be lethal. According to "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats and Horses," colic mostly results from "... Read More »