What could cause center chest pain?

Answer Go to ER now. You will need a Cardiologist to check you out.The same thing happened to my husband when he bend down to pull a weed out of the garden. They put him in the hospital and a couple of ... Read More »

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Sharp chest pain- thoughts as to what might be the cause?

Heart burn... when this pain comes on, try some Tums and a glass of cold water. If this relieves your pain, it's heart burn. Hope this helps.

I know you are not Doctors - but do you have any idea what could cause Chest pain when swallowing?

Can stress cause chest/heart pain?

Yes it may be stress, or it might be anxiety. What other symptoms do you have? try to relax and drink water. Have you been having a lot of caffeine? if you have- eat some food, it helps. If the con... Read More »

Can a pinched nerve cause chest pain?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a pinched nerve is one of the many noncardiac conditions that can cause chest pain.SourceMayo Clinc Chest Pain