Can a urinary tract infection cause a yeast infection?

Answer On One Hand: Not a Cause of Yeast InfectionsAccording to The Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia University, yeast infections may occur as a result of diarrhea that is sometimes a side effec... Read More »

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Can the flu shot cause yeast infection?

No. Yeast infections can be caused by a number of factors, but there is no link between flu shots and yeast infections. Yeast infections most commonly occur for the following reasons: 1. Sexual in... Read More »

Can a yeast infection cause warts?

No yeast infections comes from bacterias while warts comes from viruses.

Can a yeast infection cause vaginal sores?

Yeast infections do not cause sores to form on the labia or in the vaginal area. Excessive scratching of the sensitive and swollen area may cause cuts, but this would be the only reason for sores o... Read More »

Can a penicillin shot cause a yeast infection?

Yes, so call your doc and get a prescription for Diflucan... it will rid the infection or you can go to the pharmacy for over the counter yeast infection remedies.