What can cause a headache to last longer than a wk?

Answer Besides all the other answers, if you and your doctor rule those out, it could be stress. You have so much on your plate and decisions to make. Deal with one thing at a time as you can. You coul... Read More »

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What Makes Commercial DVD's Last Longer Than Recordable Discs?

AVDADDY is close.The pits/lands representing digital data, are injection molded into the plastic when a commercial disc is manufactured. Metal is applied over the plastic for the laser to reflect.W... Read More »

Why do carnations last longer than roses?

Carnations and roses are both popular flowers used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special events. Due to various reasons, however, carnations, "Flowers of God," last up to two wee... Read More »

Does plasma last longer than LCD?

According to Consumer Reports, there isn't any measurable difference between the lifespans of LCD and plasma televisions. Either type of television with average use under normal conditions should l... Read More »

Why does yogurt last longer than milk?

Yogurt is a naturally fermented milk product with a tangy flavor and a thick pudding-like consistency. The name yogurt is derived from the Turkish word "yoghurmak," which means to thicken, accordin... Read More »