What can cause a hard drive to suddenly stop working?

Answer We run a busy PC repair shop, and see this happen 20 times + per week. There are some factors that can cause the premature demise of a hard drive such as power spikes, surges and even power outages... Read More »

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I have a western digital ide hard drive and i am trying to put a maxtor ata hard drive with but it not working?

Check the cable connections. Make sure that they are properly fitted and in the right position. If ide/ata/mobo connection is not the problem, then try to check you bios set-up. If it still is not ... Read More »

Why Would the Air Conditioning Stop Working Suddenly on a 2005 Hyundai SUV?

The 2005 Hyundai Sport Utility Vehicles are equipped with electric cooling systems. A defective radiator fan motor connector can cause the engine to overheat and render the air conditioner inoperat... Read More »

What could cause my speakers on surround sound to stop working?

Did it work before, the way you have it connected? If not then you probably do not have it connected right, if it worked before maybe one of the wires came lose...

Can a lack of freon cause a freezer to stop working?

Up to a week if kept in the refrigerator before mold begins to grow.