What can cause a chest burst like in Alien movies?

Answer a fart ?

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What could be the cause of a hive-like rash on stomach chest and back that doesn't itch?

AnswerI went to the doctors for the same thing. Its called pityriasis rosea and the spots are oval shaped pink spots on the trunk that don't go past the neckline and generally are patterened in a C... Read More »

What is the show think it was on nick about this alien who kinda has like antenna eyes and was really tall and there was a good alien and a bad one?

I think it was Prometheus and Bob part of KaBlam ! On nickelodeon

Fist sized mass on Horse's chest has burst and is bleeding.?

You need a vet on this one. Google returned 'equine sarcoids'.…However, it's hard for anyone to diagnose an animal (or in my case people) from a distance.G... Read More »

What order do I watch the"Predator"&"Alien"movies in?

The first movie to watch is"Predator," followed by "Alien," "Aliens," "Predator 2" and "Aliens 3." The next movie combines both movies in "Alien Resurrection," followed by "Alien vs Predator" and "... Read More »