What can cause a baby to be weak?

Answer make sure you eat a lot of vitamins from an orange. vitamin c make sure to get lots of rest. and eat chicken soup it is good and who wouldn't eat chicken soup it is awesome and I'm a werewolf don't... Read More »

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Can weak fuel pressure cause overheating?

Fuel pressure that is too low will not cause overheating. However, it can result in rough idling, hesitation, weak and slow acceleration, "lean misfire," stalling and an increase in hydrocarbon emi... Read More »

Can a weak battery cause a watch to run slower?

A weak or dying watch battery can cause a watch to run slowly. If your watch slows or stops operating, visit a jeweler for assistance in changing your watch battery. Recycle watch batteries, since ... Read More »

Does lack of sleep cause your muscles to feel weak?

Yes. Your body in general heals and repairs itself while you sleep, so if you don't get enough sleep, your body is active for that much longer and can't effectively heal itself.

I feel really weak.. my joints are weak and its annoying to move them,,,?

It could just be your body reacting to this period of inactivity, if you have been working out regularly without a break the body can experience a sort of withdrawal or shock. To be honest I would ... Read More »