What can be writen off for day care supplies?

Answer Supplies that you purchase for your day care can be written off as business expenses. To qualify for the maximum possible deduction for day care supplies, keep your receipts and an organized record... Read More »

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Can I write day care supplies off if I'm not registered?

Child care providers that are not licensed or registered are allowed to deduct business expenses such as food, toys and supplies from their taxes, according to the National Association for Family C... Read More »


it says stussy, its a brand.

Is anyone afraid that under Obama's health care plan that pumps and supplies won't be covered?

Obama's plan is modeled on Canada and England. In those countries, the Government Insurance Company tells you if THEY think you need a pump, and even if you need insulin, or oral medications.Those... Read More »

How much would it cost to outfit a hospital bed at the intensive care level (equipment + supplies)?

Around $50k to start and $10k to maintain. Not to mention the $80k for the ancillary staff (nurse, respiratory therapist) for home visits.Who wants to have it done? The patient or the family? Do... Read More »