What can be used to help odor when shampooing a carpet?

Answer When a carpet is newly shampooed, unpleasant odor is not only unexpected but very unwelcome. The carpet fibers can develop odors when damp, and countless other contaminants can also cause clean car... Read More »

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How do I get a pet odor out of carpet?

Place several paper towels on top of any wet pet stains to absorb as much of the moisture as possible and help remove odors. Cover the paper towels with a layer of newspaper and place a heavy objec... Read More »

How to Rid a Carpet of Pet Odor?

Pet odors on your carpet are a result of pet accidents or a build-up of natural pet odors. Whatever the source of the pet odor on your carpet, there's some kind of substance, dirt or stain that's l... Read More »

How to Get Vomit Odor Out of Carpet?

Vomit odors are one of the worst smells to deal with. Vomit is acidic and burns right into carpet fibers. Even after removing the stain, the smell can remain. Spraying a fancy smelling air freshene... Read More »

Remove odor from a carpet that got wet?

Actually if the carpet got wet so did the padding underneath it.You can remove the carpet and dry it out but the wet padding needs to come out too.Once you remove this check the floor underneath fo... Read More »