What can be used to control insects on organically grown plants?

Answer Back in the old country, we used stinging nettle. Put the nettle in a wooden barrel, and let it stay in the sun for about a week. Spray your plants with that water. Use a cheap dish washing liquid,... Read More »

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How are conventionally grown foods different from organically grown food?

The addition of modern chemicals. They have chemicals to keep bugs away, to keep the food from smelling, frm keeping the food going bad, to keep the food polished, and only conventionally grown fo... Read More »

How to Control Scale Insects on Indoor Plants?

If your inside plants are infested, you may be looking for a way to control scale insects on indoor plants. These tan or brown shell, sap-eating insects like to live on the stems and/or the leaves ... Read More »

How to Control Scale Insects on Outdoor Plants?

�Scale" is an insect that can infect your outdoor plants and cause a huge infestation in surrounding plants, including your fruits and vegetables. The name comes from the insect's characteristic ... Read More »

How to Control Insects & Diseases on House Plants With a Spray?

Insects and pests can infect healthy house plants, causing them to become diseased or weak. A common way pests spread is when new plants are brought into the house and not thoroughly checked for in... Read More »