What can be used to clear the drain in a bathroom sink?

Answer Clean your own bathroom sink drain and save money you'd spend on a plumber. Most clogs develop in the U section of the drainpipe under your sink.Causes of blockagesA blockage in the drainpipe occu... Read More »

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DIY Bathroom Sink Drain?

Installing a bathroom sink drain is an excellent project for the DIYer looking to get their hands (excuse the expression) wet. Installing a drain doesn't involve any running water, so there's littl... Read More »

How do I adjust the drain in a bathroom sink?

Disconnect the Pivot RodFind the pivot rod underneath the sink that connects the drain to the drain lift rod. The drain lift rod is the bar atop the faucet that allows you to close and open the dra... Read More »

How to Remove a Bathroom Sink Drain?

What to do when you need to remove a bathroom sink drain and all the fasteners are stuck, penetrating oils aren't working, and you don't want to damage the porcelain sink.

How do I seal a bathroom sink drain?

Prepare SinkWipe down both the sink drain hole and the underside, or seat, of the sink drain ring with a clean cloth. Ensure both surfaces are clean and dry for a tight, lasting seal.Dry RunAssembl... Read More »