What can be used to clean the base of your steam iron?

Answer To clean the base or sole plate of a steam iron, start by using a nylon mesh pad and scrub with a soap and water solution. You can also try a damp cloth and wipe with salt, toothpaste, or a paste o... Read More »

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How to Clean the Steam Iron and Its Base Plate?

Keeping an iron clean is relatively easy and requires few supplies to do the job.

How to Clean Out a Steam Iron?

Few people enjoy ironing, but ironing with a dirty iron only makes the chore worse. Steam irons can get clogged up with mineral deposits. Since you can't take your iron out, you may be wondering ho... Read More »

How to Clean the Inside of a Steam Iron?

Steam irons require regular routine maintenance to work efficiently. Because the base is filled with water to create the steam, any water that is not used is often left to sit inside the iron reser... Read More »

How you do you clean the inside of a steam iron?

Pour a solution that is one part vinegar to one part water in. Turn the iron on. Allow it to steam for about four minutes. Drain the iron for an hour, then repeat the process with clean water befor... Read More »