What can be the results to a 8 months baby found with part of brain been damaged?

Answer when it is received with good intent

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If your child is 17 months old and she has been living with you her father for 13 months can you get sole custody?

%REPLIES% Answer Has the child's mother exercised visitation? If so, I would strongly discourage you from trying to get sole custody -- unless it is in the best interest of the child. If the moth... Read More »

30 f just diagonised with brain tumur.after biopsy results it confims that suffereing with oligoastocytoma II?

Dearest SirPinto--I will lift your dear wife and you in prayer.Father in Heaven,We lift this man's wife in prayer. Only you know what they both need and I ask that Your perfect will be done in the... Read More »

Can you adopt your wife's child if the biological father cannot be found and has not been in the child's life since he was 9 months old?

Of course Unless the kid is, like, 10 months old, the biodad has abandoned the child. If his parental rights haven't already been severed, they should be, and that should open the door to your ado... Read More »

Trivia= What body part are you not born with but get at the age of 6 months?

Many people say knee caps and think knee caps.. but its not totally true that your born without them:The statement that babies do not have knee caps at birth is not exactly true. All of us are born... Read More »