What can be the reason to be too much sleepy?

Answer Many things can cause sleepiness, from stress to more serious illnesses. Are you under a lot of stress lately? Have you felt depressed? If these reasons are eliminated, then focus on the physica... Read More »

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Someone please help me!!Body sore for no reason now bruises are popping up for no reason?

Im no doctor, and when I say im no doctor, im actually no where near a doctor. But this sounds kinda like a relative of mine's symptoms a while ago. She was sent to hospital and was diagnosed with ... Read More »

Is there much reason for 18 year olds to fear online predators?

Yes, you can be any age , online predators go after older people too, for marriage and then they steal from the victim and sometimes kill them. as well as for under age sex.

Can my high blood pressure be the reason I feel exhausted all day no matter how much I sleep?

Yes it can be, it was for me. See your doctor, and get medication to help lower it. Then you can make changes like losing weight or changing your diet(healthy foods, lower salt intake etc), stress... Read More »

Im always sleepy, what can help?

so do iif u find a good answer for this question tell me :)