What can be obtained through an employment background check?

Answer You're at a job interview, and the human resources manager asks for your references, then slides a piece of paper in front of you to sign. He tells you the company will be running a routine backgro... Read More »

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What Shows Up on a Pre-Employment Background Check?

Pre-employment background checks can range from verification of Social Security number and citizenship status to a detailed investigation of a person's financial, legal and personal history. Beside... Read More »

What Shows Up in an Employment Background Check?

A number of companies now conduct employment background checks before hiring a potential employee. They may ask you directly about things that will show up on a background check and then verify you... Read More »

What do employers look for in a background check for employment?

Often one of the final steps before a formal job offer, a background check is an employer's attempt to find out if you'll be a trustworthy and safe employee to keep around the office.Why do employe... Read More »

How to Prepare for an Employment Background Check?

The employment background check can be the determining factor in deciding whether you get the job offer. Take these simple steps to ensure that you are properly prepared for any information that ma... Read More »