What can be done with baby food jars?

Answer Baby food jars are not just for holding baby food. Teach your children the importance of recycling by transforming jars into art or decorative projects. Wash out jars with soap and water before reu... Read More »

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What do you think of the infomation on formula milk and baby food jars?

Yes, people still believe that it is just as good and they must be getting that information from somewhere. They should be more responsible about marketing it as a second choice, one that is not co... Read More »

How to Reuse Baby Food Jars?

Baby food jars can soon mount up in the house if you're feeding a baby. They're a cute size though and if you've been wondering whether there is more you can do with them, this article will give yo... Read More »

How to Make Crafts From Baby Food Jars?

Baby food jars are ubiquitous in any house with a young baby. Instead of throwing away the empty jars, put them to good use by making fun and easy crafts that will brighten up your house and provid... Read More »

At how many months old can you feed from baby food jars?

A baby may be fed solid food from a baby food jar between the ages of four and six months old, according to Mary Silva, M.S., R.D. of It is typically around this age when a baby can ho... Read More »