What can be done to prevent teenage pregnancy?

Answer Sex education has to be mandatory and a program should be set together by Gynos and such for all states to use to make sure all students learn everything and nothing is skipped. Parents need to ta... Read More »

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How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?

In this day and age many girls are becoming pregnant at younger ages. Some as young as 12 even. Whether you are the parent, or a school trying to keep teenagers out of this situation, read this gui... Read More »

How to Prevent Teenage Acne?

Most teenagers will experience some degree of acne. Acne includes white heads, black heads and pimples. Acne is caused by pores that get blocked with an oily build up. Hormonal changes that occur i... Read More »

How can parents prevent teenage drinking?

Underage drinking poses several risks to the health and safety of teens. Parents play a large part in discouraging teen drinking.Discuss the RisksBecause teens' brains are still developing, they ma... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Teenage Daughter from Getting Pregnant?

If you are reading this article, you are probably concerned about your teenage daughter. Every day teenage girls become pregnant. Usually, it is unwanted. Teens are becoming parents earlier and ear... Read More »