What can be done to increase a car's fuel efficiency?

Answer As fuel costs continue to rise, you are seeking methods to improve a car's fuel efficiency. You may improve your car's fuel consumption in a number of ways, such as routine car maintenance and by d... Read More »

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How to Increase a Car's Fuel Efficiency?

Each generation of car owners has felt the pinch of gasoline prices and knows that it affects the way they travel. As the cost of travel decreases, the number of large vehicle purchases increases. ... Read More »

How can fuel efficiency of cars be improved?

With a growing concern over the price of gas and the environmental impact of oil use, many people are trying to find ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their cars or buy new cars with better fu... Read More »

Physics Science Projects to Increase the Efficiency of Turbines?

Due to the design complexity of wind turbine systems, there are several different ways to make the system more efficient and productive. The turbine's blades represent the main area where efficienc... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Car's Fuel Efficiency (MPG)?

As gas prices rise, fuel efficiency is becoming more and more of a critical factor. Knowing your car's MPG (that is, how many miles it gets per gallon) can help you determine if it's a gas guzzler ... Read More »