What can be done for a patient with dementia?

Answer Caring for a person with dementia is difficult because of his inability to no longer understand how to perform certain tasks. Dementia patients often slowly lose their ability to remember how to do... Read More »

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Do you need conservatorship with a dementia patient if you have a power of attorney?

A person must be capable to grant power of attorney for his financial and/or medical affairs to another. If this power is designated durable, it continues if the principal becomes incapacitated and... Read More »

How to Place a Dementia Patient in Long-Term Care?

A family member with dementia can be a heartbreaking situation. A diagnosis of dementia alters the lives of each family member, including the patient and her loved ones. During the early stages of ... Read More »

What is the best hospitality that can be done for a cancer patient?

Best hospitality one can give to cancer patient is hope . make them believe as if they were going to live 90+ yrs and give the best love and care you can give to them . most importantly fullfill t... Read More »

What to expect with dementia?

There's something that can really help him and slow down this process because it is like a diabetes of the brain . what states you like a book it says if there was a cure for Alzheimer's would you... Read More »