What can be done about pushy software?

Answer So it's Fanbox which is keeping you away from friends! *Geeee*You can always report abuse. Have you tried that?There is a green "help" tab on the left side vertical task bar. Click on this, and the... Read More »

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Why is it that people are so pushy about breast feeding?

Have you been tested for thrush? The first two months of breastfeeding was excruciating for me. At 3 weeks I went to the ER because it hurt so bad. They said me and my son had thrush and gave me a ... Read More »

What software tells you how many shots a camera has done?

Referred to as "shutter actuations," the number of shots taken by a camera is much like mileage on an automobile. This information is contained the the image EXIF data and can be found using softwa... Read More »

If you met some of the pushy, rude breastfeeders on YA what would you say?

I would say.....'Why did you get thrown off of Bebo?'

What can be done about teen pregnancies?

well teens have 3 opions abortion (which btw I'm against)have it and give it up for adoptionhave it, keep it and look after it (eg be a mum)