What can be done about "garbage viruses" contaminating vaccines?

Answer How about not get them!

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Can vaccines work on viruses?

Yes, a large percentage of vaccines are for viral infections, there are not many vaccines for bacterial infections but there are a few. The flu is caused by a virus, vaccinations against the flu w... Read More »

How do you know if what you read about vaccines on the Internet is wrong?

Unless you are a trained health care professional, this is difficult at best and impossible at times. The best approach is to look at information from multiple sources from reliable health care ent... Read More »

What do you do about side effects from the swine flu vaccines?

Report them to your doctor. Your doctor is working with those who monitor the side effects of vaccines and will report your symptoms to them to add to the study if it is something connected with th... Read More »

Why is there such a commotion about vaccines?

There has been no safety study done on the accumaltive effects of vaccine after vaccine from birth to preschool would expect this study to have been completed. Also, children receive the ... Read More »