What can be done about Progresive Osification Fibrodisplasy?

Answer Eczema

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What can be done about pushy software?

So it's Fanbox which is keeping you away from friends! *Geeee*You can always report abuse. Have you tried that?There is a green "help" tab on the left side vertical task bar. Click on this, and the... Read More »

What can be done about teen pregnancies?

well teens have 3 opions abortion (which btw I'm against)have it and give it up for adoptionhave it, keep it and look after it (eg be a mum)

What can be done about dogs in kennels?

Dogs living in kennels often pull at the heartstrings of animal lovers. Rarely do they look happy while sitting inside a cage. There are a few things a sensitive animal lover can do to help the d... Read More »

I am about 3-4 weeks pregnant and ive done cocain about 3 times if i never do it again will it still hurt my baby?

Answer The damage may have already been done. During pregnancy it is always advisable to avoid smoking and alchohol, too, as those could all affect the fetus as it is growing.