What can be better about living off campus rather than on?

Answer it's cheaper. you don't have to pay for room and board each year making the college experience anywhere from 10 to 20 thousands dollars (or more) cheaper.not to mention that you get to eat better f... Read More »

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Which is more expensive: living on campus or off campus (college)?

It is far more expensive to live on campus than off.For example, I will be attending the University of Maryland this fall. Off campus costs are around $8,000. However, on-campus will cost over $20,... Read More »

Are camcorders a better thing to have rather than just a camera?

It all depends if you just want to take pictures or if you want to take videos. Both are great of course, but what is it that you enjoy doing. Or there are some cameras that take pictures as well a... Read More »

Throat tattoos is it better to do a little at a time rather than one big piece?

I suppose it would all depend on how well you'd handle the pain. If you can handle it then try get as much as possible done in the first sitting but if not just start with something small and add t... Read More »

Can I get a student loan for living expenses if I am not living on campus?

depending on where you live, you may get some financial aid to pay for your expenses