What can be asked on an employment application?

Answer Applications are part of the process of seeking employment. Employers devise employment applications to capture specific information about applicants, which are directly related to the position bei... Read More »

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What is the impact of steady employment on a credit application?

One of the things a lender looks at when it processes credit applications is the length of the borrower's employment. Many employers like to see two years of employment. The longer the history of e... Read More »

What does it mean when an employer is calling in regards to your application for employment?

If an employer is calling after receiving an application, it could mean several things. If the application is incomplete or has some suspicious gaps in employment, then the employer may be calling ... Read More »

How do I fill out an application for employment?

Documentation NeededReview the entire application to make sure you have all necessary documentation to accurately fill out the form, including your Social Security and driver's license numbers. Mo... Read More »

Employment Application Help?

The information required in an employment application will differ for each individual job position, as each employer will have specific demands or criteria. While some employers will ask you to fil... Read More »