What can anyone tell me about 35mm cameras?

Answer If you want to go into film you could not have picked a better time. True professional quality SLR that a couple of years ago were a few thousand for the body you can now get for a few hundred. The... Read More »

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35mm cameras vs. digital cameras flash?

I'm not sure what you are really asking. I going to hazard a guess that you want to know if the requirements for flash is different for Film VS Digital cameras. Is one better than the other in co... Read More »

Does anyone know a lot about computers and cameras?

You may have an issue with the hardware on your computer. From what you stated it seems that the SD memory card slot in your computer is not reading that there is a card in it. That is what trigg... Read More »

What lenses are compatible with a Canon Rebel 35mm film cameras?

All EF series lenses will work with the film Rebel or any other EOS film body. EF-S lenses are not compatible with film cameras or full-frame digitals.

I have started a web site to make some extra money. Can anyone tell me about how t go about adverising?

DOn't go for exchanges as the payout isn't brilliant. Sign up for Google Adsense ( and once your site has been accepted it'll only place ads relevant to your site.Hope that h... Read More »