What can anyone do with your IP address if they find it out?

Answer Your IP address is roughly equivalent to your street address on the internet.Your system sends out your IP address every time you do anything over the internet. In a similar way, the computers you ... Read More »

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Can 'just anyone' find out your IP address Why, and what can they do with it?

Well another member cannot readily track your IP address but Yahoo certainly can... anyone with a web page (Yahoo in the case of Answers) can note the IP address of anyone that has connected to it.... Read More »

Can someone find your address if they know your bt landline number, if so how?

Go to search.

How do items get sent to your house when shopping online . how do they find you by address or by code?

Does anyone else find they don't enjoy food they have cooked themselves?

I'm a chef so yes. I prepare award winning food at work and then end up having beans on toast or a take-away at home!!