What can an army mos 19 lead to?

Answer Army military occupation codes (MOSs) that start with the number 19 pertain to armor jobs. There are only three enlisted MOSs in this category: M1 Armor Crewman (19K), Calvary Scout (19D) and Armor... Read More »

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How many troops does a specialist in the army lead?

Normally, none, unless they get assigned to supervise some sort of work detail. There may be a couple exceptions. Machine gunners would be the first line supervisors for the remainder of their gun ... Read More »

Which Unit Would an Army Company-Grade Officer Lead?

A commissioned army company grade officer would lead a platoon or company depending upon the rank. Army company grade officers range from O-1 to O-3, which corresponds with the rank of 2nd Lieuten... Read More »

Does the USCAV.COM sell U.S Army PT t-shirt Army PT shorts Army PT pants Army PT jacket?

I don't know whether they sell Army pt shirts, pants, etc., but I did come across a cool store called SoldierCity which sells Army training clothes. Me and my boyfriend just got a couple of pairs o... Read More »

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