What can a vegetarian eat as a sandwich?

Answer sprouts, cheese, pickles, mayo, mustard, tomatoes, turkey, turkey ham

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Chicken Sandwich Rib Sandwich Falafel Sandwich Or Fish Sandwich Which do u like better?

Well the only one I've had out of the 4 choices is chicken sandwich so that's the one I like best.

Do you know any good tasty vegetarian sandwich recipes?

Hello! This recipe is for a Vegetarian sandwich loaf... Hope you like it.Ingredients (serves 6) :1 large sourdough loaf 1/2cup basil leaves 250g low-fat ricotta cheese 1 small garlic clove, crushe... Read More »

Why is a sandwich, called a sandwich and what do americans call a sandwich?

Sandwiches were named after the Earl of Sandwiche who refused to leave a game of cards at his gentlemans club when he was hungry and requested that some slices of beef be brought to him between sli... Read More »

I am a vegetarian and today I ate a ham sandwich since I had nothing to eat. is ir normal to dislike meat now?

Yes. But you only had ham and bread in the house ? Thats it ? I'm sorry to hear that. Might want to get on a food stamp program like TANF . They cater to people in your financial condition.http://... Read More »