What can a pregnant woman take for tooth pain?

Answer I work in a dental office. Tylenol and Vicodin are usually safe - ask your dentist and OB/GYN for specifics.

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What pain reliever can a pregnant woman take safely?

Tylenol or acetaminophen is the safest pain releiver for pregnant women and children. Although NSAIDS like ibuprofen are relatively safe Tylenol is considered the safest. The worst pain reliever to... Read More »

What can you take for pain besides Tylenol if you are 12 weeks' pregnant and have an abcsessed tooth?

Answer It is typically safe for pregnant women to take opiates during pregnancy. Often doctors hesitate to prescribe other types of drugs because of the risks. When under a doctors care opiate anal... Read More »

Is it bad for a pregnant woman to have an abcessed tooth?

Answer Yes. It's usually caused from an infection, which means it can get in your bloodstream and affect your baby.

What kind of pain killers can i take after i get a tooth pulled?

honestly the question should be what kind od pain killers should i take ...because in reality you could take anything... my gfreind had some dental work done and the doc gave her vicodin this will... Read More »