What can a parent do to control child abuse?

Answer If that parent doesn't abuse their children, then that is all we can expect.If they join groups which work to prevent or repair the effects of the abuse, then that is even better.

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Is poring a bucket of freezing cold water over a child by there parent child abuse?

If a parent pinches a child's butt and does not stop when told by the child is that a form of sexual abuse?

Answer: THe parent should respect the child, it may not be in their comfort zone, so it would be sexual to the child, even if the parent isn't meaning it to be that way. I would just say the parent... Read More »

What should you do when a child is being abuse by their parent?

The first thing that you can do is try to get closer to that family, and find out the degree of the abuse that is going on. If you are close to the abusive parent, you may actually be able to deter... Read More »

What are the affects of child abuse on a parent?

once you abuse a child, it becomes addicting, like coke(cocaine). if they do it once, they r more than likely 2 do it again.-childabusepreventer-